Sovereign Grand Inspector General (S.G.I.G.)

Ill. Ted Collins, 33º, S.G.I.G.

Ill. Brother Ted Collins was named Deputy of the Supreme Council in Georgia January 1st, 2017 and named S.G.I.G. in August 2017 by Grand Commander Ronald A. Seale.

Ill. Brother Collins was born May 29th,  1950 in Unadilla, Georgia to Wendell and Christine Collins. He  graduated from Unadilla High School in 1968 and received a Bachelor of  Science Degree in Political Science from Georgia Southwestern University  in 1972.

Ill. Brother Collins is married to the former Charlene Greene of Oglethorpe, Georgia  who is a retired Elementary School Teacher. Ill. Brother Collins retired  from the Postal Service after 32 years of service in 2006. Ill. Brother  Collins and Charlene are parents of one daughter Wendy Collins Chadwell  and one granddaughter Weslynn Chadwell.

Ill. Brother Collins has served Masonry in many capacities including Worshipful  Master of Millwood Lodge 198 in Pinehurst, Georgia (1998), Grand Master  of Masons in Georgia (2008) and Personal Representative of SGIG in the  Valley of Macon, Georgia (2010-2016).

Ill. Brother Collins has been a member of Unadilla Methodist Church for over 60 years  and has held many leadership positions including service as  Administrative Board Chairman. Ill. Brother Collins is also an active  member of Al Sihah Shrine Center in Macon, Georgia. 

Personal Representative

Gary H. Leazer, 32º KCCH

Masonic Service

1995-2005: Steering Committee of the Masonic Information Committee

February 1997: Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason, Clarkston Lodge No. 492

May 1997: Joined the Scottish Rite, Valley of Atlanta (Life Member)

1999: Named Fellow of the Maine Lodge of Research

2004-2005: Grand Chaplain, Grand Lodge of Georgia

2004-2010: Served as Grand Prelate, Grand Commandery, Knights Templar of Georgia

2005: Mason of the Year, Grand Lodge of Georgia

2005: Worshipful Master of Clarkston Lodge No. 492

2005-2007: Editor, Royal Arch Mason Magazine

2005-2017: Editor, Masonic Messenger

2006: Distinguished Service Medal, Grand Lodge of GA 

2007: Master, Georgia Lodge of Research

2007-2008: Wise Master, Atlanta Chapter Rose Croix

Masonic Duties:

2007-2008:Venerable Master for the 13th Degree (Valley of Atlanta dropped the 13th Degree)

2008: Worshipful Master of Gwinnett Daylight Lodge

2008: Received General Grand High Priest Appreciation Jewel

Feb. 2009: Founding Fellow of The Masonic Society

Oct. 2015: Elected Deputy Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Georgia

Oct. 2017: Elected Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Georgia

May 2018: Installed as Personal Representative, Valley of Augusta


- Fundamentalism and Freemasonry (New York: M. Evans Publisher, 1995)

- The Takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention (Decatur: Baptists Today, 1996) Co-authored with Dr. Rob James


Born: December 14, 1944 in Keokuk, Iowa, the eldest of four children born to Bro. and Mrs. Herbert Horace Leazer; grandson of Bro. and Mrs. Horace Herman Leazer

Military Service: U. S. Navy, 1965-1969, Honorable Discharge. (One tour of duty in Vietnam.)


B. A., Mississippi College, 1971 (Major: Religion and philosophy; Minor: English)

M. Div., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1974 (Major: Theology)

Ph. D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1981 (Major: Philosophy and world religions)

Graduate Study: North Texas State University and University of Iowa


1979-1993: Elected Staff, Home Mission Board, SBC, Atlanta, GA (Dismissed after conducting Freemasonry study for SBC when supervisors disagreed with my conclusion that Freemasonry was not in conflict with Southern Baptist doctrines.)

1995-1996: Associate Director of Religion Activities, Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games 

1996-1997: Interim Associate Editor, Baptists Today, Decatur, GA

1997-1999: Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies, Shorter College, Rome, GA

2000-2015: Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies, Mercer University, Atlanta, GA 

2005-2017: Editor, Masonic Messenger

Married: 23 August 1969 to Ruth Marie Bilbo, Pensacola, FL


David Bilbo Leazer 

Sonya Lorraine Leazer Joiner (Husband: Brad Joiner)

Granddaughters: Riley, Audrey (Ali), and Makenna Joiner


Secretary, T. Gregory Oblak, 33º

Was raised in Webb Lodge # 166, Augusta, GA on June 22, 1982
Served as W.M. 1987
Serves as Secretary from 1988 - 2018 (31 continuous years)
- Charity Committee Member for 35 continuous years
- Life Member since 1987
- Chairman in establishing a Scholarship Fund for Webb Lodge #166 (Wrote  all the policies and procedures) in 1996 which continues today
- Received 5 Webb Lodge Mason of the Year awards since its establishment. (1996)
- Trustee for the Masonic Temple for 4 years
- GA CHIP: Participated in 5 Georgia Child Identification Programs
- Blood Drive: Participated in 21 Blood Drives for Webb Lodge #166 and Acacia Lodge #315 of North Augusta SC
25 year award; Received my 25 year award from Grand Master Ted Collins in 2007
- Editor of the Webb Lodge Monthly Newsletter for 31 years; Published 360+ Newsletters

Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry:

- Received 32º on May 11, 2002
- Invested with Rank and Decoration of Knight Commander of the Court of Honour on November 3, 2007
- Coroneted 33º on October 15, 2011 and was Active Candidate and Guest Speaker for the Degree Conferral and Banquet for all Valleys in GA

Lodge Of Perfection:

- Served as Tyler 2003, Captain of the Host 2004, Master of Ceremonies 2005
- Appointed General Secretary by SGIG 2006-2018 (12 continuous years) - Life Member since 2006
- Editor of the Scottish Rite Monthly Newsletter for the last 11 years; Published 140+ newsletters
- Member of the Scottish Rite Guard for 11 years
- Chairman of the Major Fundraising Committee (Masters Parking and Hospitality) for the last 12 continuous years
- Member of the Executive Committee for 12 years
- Trustee of the Georgia Scottish Rite Foundation (Statewide) for 12 years
- Past President of the Georgia Scottish Rite Foundation 2013-2014
- Master Craftsman I Course Graduate 2011
- Ralph Studdard Award Winner for Scottish Rite Mason of the Year 2009
- Charter Member and Knight Chevaliar of the Valley of Augusta Chapter of the Knights of Saint Andrew
- Double Eagle Award Recipient (14,000+ points)

Acacia Lodge #315
Honorary Member since 1997

Unity Court No. 21 Order Of The Amarenth
Life member since 1995
- Participated in numerous fundraisers for Diabetic Research for Unity Court

Married to Carma Oblak for the last 44 years.  Two  Married Children;  Todd Oblak, IT Manager, (Stacey) and  Lauren Eubanks, Physicians Assistant (Daniel, Senior Corporate Affairs Manager).   One grandson, Parker Eubanks (5 years old) and two granddaughters,  Lilly Grace Oblak (3 years old) and Molly Catherine Eubanks (2 years old).  None of them are employed, but they're all cute.  A Christian and  member of Resurrection Lutheran Church in Augusta. Member of the  Woodbridge Homeowner’s Association for 8 years.  President and member of  the Woodbridge Swim Team for 9 years.  Retired  Senior Research Scientist from the Medical College of Georgia (34 years  of service).  Retired Director of Laboratory Services for a Medical  Contract Manufacturing Company. (6 years)  Consultant, Federal Grant at  the Medical College of Georgia (3 years).  Former Owner/Proprietor of  Lakewood Landscape Company (29 years).




Gary H. Leazer, 32º KCCH

T. Gregory Oblak, 33º

Gary H. Leazer, 32° KCCH

T. Gregory Oblak, 33° 

Kennedy L. May, 33° 

Richard T. Williamson, 33° 


Director of Work - Jack P. Goldenberg, 32° KCCH  

Class Director - Eric P. Milks, 33°  

Membership Chairman - Kennedy L. May, 33° 

Assistant Membership Chairman - William A. Dozier, 32° KCCH



Gary H. Leazer, 32° KCCH, Chairman       

T. Gregory Oblak, 33°, General Secretary       

Richard T. Williamson, 33°, Treasurer       

Charles A. Gay, Jr, 32°, Venerable Master, Augusta Lodge of Perfection       

Billy G. Childress, 32° KCCH, Wise Master, Augusta Chapter Rose Croix       

Gerald J. Wuchte, 32° KCCH, Commander, Augusta Council of Kadosh       

Kennedy L. May, 33° Master of Kadosh, Augusta Consistory     


Jack P. Goldenberg, 32° KCCH, Term Expires 2019       

Charles R. Johnson, 33°, Terms Expires 2020        

Larry E. Davis, 33°, Terms Expires 2021               

William A. Dozier, 32° KCCH, Terms Expires 2022

John G. Eckenroth, 33°, Term Expires 2023



4° - 14°
These degrees, the 4th through 14th, are called Ineffable Degrees because their principal purpose is the investigation and contemplation of the ineffable name of Deity.

       Venerable Master   Charles A. Gay, Jr., 32°

Senior Warden   Roy H. Stampley, Jr., 32° KCCH
     Junior Warden   William A. Dozier, 32° KCCH

Expert   G. Lloyd McCoy, 32°

Assistant Expert   Brian C. Coffey, 32° KCCH     

Master of Ceremonies   David C. Pierson, 32°

Captain of the Host   M. Milton Steinberg, 32° KCCH

Tyler   Rickey A. Bouchard, 32°

Prelate   Charles R. Johnson, 33°     

General Secretary   T. Gregory Oblak, 33°         

15° - 18°
The degrees of the Chapter of Rose Croix are very complex. They attempt to invest the candidate 

with a deeper understanding of Religion, Philosophy, Ethics, and History. The intellectual 

challenges presented in these degrees, is at times overwhelming, and can take years to master. A 

thorough reading of the chapters related to them in Morals and Dogma and in the Legenda and 

Readings is essential to achieve even a basic comprehension of their true meaning.

       Wise Master   Billy G. Childress, 32° KCCH     

Senior Warden   Gary H. Leazer, 32° KCCH

Junior Warden   Richard L. Lamarre, 32° KCCH         


19° - 30°
The degrees of the Council of Kadosh are chivalric and philosophical, but also contain mystical material. The word "Kadosh" is a Hebrew word meaning "Holy". The complexity of  these degrees cannot be overstated and is exemplified by the number of pages attributed to them in Morals and Dogma. The twenty-eighth degree alone is over a quarter of the 1000+ page tome.

    Commander   Gerald J. Wuchte, 32° KCCH

1st Lt. Commander    Jimmie R. Kirkland, 32° KCCH
     2nd Lt. Commander    Jaime M. Figueroa, 32°     


31° - 32°
The Consistory Degrees are very different from all the preceding degrees. They attempt to
illustrate the creation of the ideal balance between the spiritual and the temporal.

       Master of Kadosh    Kennedy L. May, 33° 

Prior    Prentis N. Coffield, 32° KCCH     

Preceptor   Eric P. Milks, 33°


ALMONER: Larry E. Davis, 33°     

TREASURER: Richard T. Williamson, 33°     

GENERAL SECRETARY: T. Gregory Oblak, 33°     

ORATOR: M. Steven Fishman, 33°         


Ronny D. Lanham, 33°

T. Gregory Oblak, 33°

Kennedy L. May, 33°

Richard T. Williamson, 33°



Arocho, Sr, Luis Ramon      

Davis, Larry Eugene      

Eckenroth, John George      

Fishman, Marc Steven     

Hogan, William Robert
Johnson, Charles Richard
King, Allen Preston
Lanham, Ronny Dale
Loo, Alexander
Milks, Eric Penrose      

May, Kennedy Lee     

Oblak, Thomas Gregory
Putnam, Sidney Francis
Trudeau, Dennis Oscar
Willgus, Jerry Lee
Williamson, Richard     

Woolsey, Joe Wayne 


Childress, Billy Gene
Coffield III, Prentiss
Delionbach, Leroy John
Dozier, William Allen
Dykes, Keith Lamar
England, Thomas Grey
Goldenberg, Jack Phillip
Griffin, Dennis Michael        

Husk, Floyd Arthur     

Inglett, Aubrey Lee       

Kirby, Robert Stockton       

Kirkland, Jimmie Ray       

Knox, John Peter       

Lamarre, Richard Leon       

Leazer, Gary Herbert       

Murdock, Jr, Alvia Andrews      

Nickles, Ronald
Purvis, Steven Thomas
Riggin, Charles William     

Rumbaugh, Kenneth Warren     

Sanders, Dennis Carl     

Shearer, George Luther     

Smith, Arthur Mattus      

Smith, John Edward     

Smolowsky, Ronnie Nathan     

Stampley Jr, Roy Houston
Steinberg, Morris Milton     

Summers, Sr, James Oliver      

Wagner, William Grant     

Wuchte, Gerald James  

Knights Of Saint Andrew

2018 Officers

Knight Commander   G. Lloyd McCoy, 32°

Knight Warden   Jarrod K. Coffey, 32°

Knight Captain   David C. Pierson, 32°

Knight Secretary   Christopher Bingnear, 32°

Knight Treasurer   Billy G. Wilson, 32°

Knight Chaplain   Rickey A. Bouchard, 32°

Grand Knight

 Ronny Lanham, 33° 

Charter Knights Chevalier

T. Gregory Oblak, 33°
Kenny May, 33°
Eric P. Milks, 33°     

Richard T. Williamson, 33°

Knights Companion

Pete Coffield, 32° KCCH

Will Dozier, 32° KCCH

Tom England, 32° KCCH

Jack P. Goldenberg, 32° KCCH

Jimmie Kirkland, 32° KCCH

Gerald Wuchte, 32° KCCH

Richard Leon Lamarre, 32°

Roy H. Stampley Jr., 32°

Billy Childress, 32°

John E. Smith, 32°

Chuck Riggin, 32°

Steven T. Purvis, 32°


Dave Pierson, 32°     

Chris Bingnear, 32°

Rickey Bouchard, 32°

Calop Jack Bradford, 32°

Bill Speer, 32°     

Jarrod Coffey, 32°   

Mike Stroup, 32°     

Jared M. Fischer, 32°   

Mike Vickrey, 32°        

Billy Wilson, 32°     

Gerald Lloyd McCoy, 32° 

Royal Stewart Tartan

The chosen tartan of the Knights of Saint Andrew of the Valley of  Augusta is the Royal Stewart tartan. With red being the prominent color,  it is one of the most luxurious tartans and is the personal tartan of  Queen Elizabeth II. If that doesn't give you an idea of the history of  the Royal Stewart tartan then I am sure that you will recognize that  Royal Stewart is the tartan worn by numerous military groups. The  history of the Royal Stewart tartan is large and varied as is the  history of tartans in general.

What most people might not realize is that the Royal Stewart tartan was a  symbol of the Royal Stewart family in Scotland. The history is  definitely present to lend to the Royal name. The Royal Stewart clan  though started mainly with an ancient family in Brittany of Dol. While  many people might not recognize the name they would recognize many of  the descendants that came from this family. However, the clan did not  move to Scotland until King David I took the throne in Scotland after  the Norman Conquest. This is just the start of the clan ascending to  what we can call today the Royal Stewart clan with the Royal Stewart  tartan.

It wasn't until a marriage of King Robert the Bruce's daughter that the  Royal Stewarts became traceable. Granted, it was traced prior to this  time frame, but it became much easier to trace as the males in the  family were royalty in England and Scotland until Mary Queen of Scots  came into power. While she did break up the direct line of power for a  short time frame, the Royal Stewart clan did come back into power to  rule Scotland and England with uninterrupted power until 1714. The  reason why they lost this power was because of the death of Queen Anne.

While the Royal Stewart clan is not as powerful today as they once were,  they are still related to the current royal family today with blood  links. In fact King George V once referred to the Royal Stewart tartan  as "my personal tartan". This should tell you that the power still  exists for the Royal Stewart clan if the King refers to the tartan as  his own. The Royal Stewart Tartan is still the official tartan of the  Royal house in Scotland and is more than just a piece of fabric that you  can wear, it also has a very rich history with a royal lineage. Kilts,  sashes and other adornments of Royal Stewart tartan make the Knights of  Saint Andrew of the Valley of Augusta easily recognizable to Scottish  Rite members and visitors at the Augusta, GA Scottish Rite Center.